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A-01 AR/MR Platform This is a technology to share AR/MR content interactively among devices. You can experience our "Device-Agnostic AR," which enables free posting of AR content to the real world with various types of devices and lets other devices view them.
A-02 Drone Helmet We demonstrate "Drone Helmet" designed to navigate pedestrians wearing a helmet with a drone or propeller fixed to it, just like autonomous cars controlled by their system to help them avoid dangers. Joint research with Tsukuba University.
A-03 Device Cluster Device cluster is a service platform that enables new ways of using and interacting with smartphones and peripheral devices.
We demonstrate device sharing, collaboration with public devices, and cooperative control among devices.
A-04 COEFUL Our focus is on the "entrance," which any home has, as a place for the optimal life support device. The device talks to you as you pass by to ensure you have everything you need or reads messages upon your return to make your life easier.
A-05 L'OCZHIT: MR Solution for IronWorks We introduce MR solutions for the manufacturing industry for efficient machining and inspection. In our demo, you can see how the CG data automatically converted from the CAD dedicated for steel frames is superimposed on the steel frames.
A-06 Easy and Comfortable hand gesture controll UI We exhibit a digital signage which can be operated by hand gestures.
We improved the existing system by various methods,
so you will experience the next generation User Interface with easy-to-use hand gesture operations.
A-07 XR telepresence meeting The XR telepresence meeting system enables remote participation to meetings in XR space utilising avatars produced by 360 capture of participants, enabling non-verbal communications over 5G to give real participation feel.
A-08 dSPS: Avatar communication dSPS is an application that enables users to invite friends to their virtual rooms and communicate with them through 3D avatars. In the virtual space, users can move their avatars freely and display video in local devices on a large screen.
A-09 d-account authn using FIDO standards We give an overview of d-account biometric authentication using FIDO standards. We also introduce "OMOTENASHI authn" with simultaneous iris+finger print authn and "smartphone authn" enabling authn of PC and other devices on a smartphone.
A-10 "d ACCOUNT Connect" We introduce "d ACCOUNT Connect," a social login service provided by DOCOMO. This is a must-see if you are looking for a solution for improving the login usability for your web services or smartphone apps.
A-11 SIM Support EXIR Bullet Network Camera This is a high-performance waterproof/dustproof camera with a night vision capability that can be readily used in the 3G/4G network. The video data stored in the built-in SD card are accessible from smartphones, tablets and PCs anytime.
A-12 Smart Niche Accessory Our easy-to-use accessories will ensure a fun and richer lifestyle with smartphones. Use of our accessories in combination with your smartphone will create value you've never experienced in your life.
A-13 Improve customer satisfaction at shops
We demonstrate our smartphone diagnosis tool “DAT” to standardize/ streamline the operational flow at DOCOMO shops for higher customer satisfaction. We also introduce a tool we plan to deploy to enable shops to provide one-stop operation.
A-14 ohanashi memo This service converts what you say in call into text on your smartphone or records your speech during a call and enables you to select and replay any part of it later. This service is convenient when you can't afford to take notes.
A-15 Sightseeing Course Recommendation Agent We exhibit our service that automatically recommends the best-possible itinerary only based on where to start/finish and how much time you have. We demonstrate how to use the service using tablets and smartphones. Anyone is welcome to try.
A-16 Next-Generation RPA This is a next-gen RPA technology that makes non-routine work easier. It enables users to add GUI elements and offers system functions with no system development. We give a demo to show how this technology can be applied to various devices.
A-17 TOUGHBOOK P-01K This is a shock-resistant, rugged smartphone with a tempered glass screen designed to survive a tough environment, plus built-in functions practical/convenient in the field such as a clear-voice function for calls in a noisy environment.
A-18 Congestion notification service In this service, a tablet counts the number of people with keys/tags with built-in beacons upon their entrance to a specific site and sends a voice notification to another tablet in a separate place about the congestion status of the site.
A-19 Player engine × Data-Driven Development We introduce an overview of the player library DOCOMO is developing for multimedia service providers. Our demo includes QoE (Quality of Experience) analytics, QoE control with A/B testing, and hotfix technology without app update.
A-20 Concierge for meeting room reservation We demonstrate our reservation system by first connecting the app cooperating with a "Linking" device to the system to reserve a room and showing how the system corrects its reservation information automatically according to the situation.
A-21 Dynamic version upgrade for Android APPs We introduce a "dynamic version upgrade system for Android apps" using the platform technology to update application behaviors in real time developed by DOCOMO. We demonstrate UI change, functional addition and AB testing using this system.
A-22 Smart Home Communication We propose a new style of home communication not dependent on the operation of smartphones. Your home becomes a place of natural communication among family members, where the kindness and caring from your family warms up your heart gently.
A-23 Web Services for world travelers We introduce the servicers for travelers. 1.Tabihapi: the ultimate travel app that helps travelers to find their destination and proposes its original tourist routes. 2. Innovation Programme with HAL: Web services for inbound travelers.
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B-01 VMocap: Video Motion capture We demonstrate VMocap developed at Nakamura&Yamamoto Lab at the University of Tokyo, showing how it captures human motion and analyzes muscle activities using multiple cameras. We also introduce our joint trial at FUTURE-EXPERIMENT Vol.3.
B-02 my daiz The service concept of “my daiz” is “Always close to you as your smartphone." This service offers personalized information for each user through push notification to the standby screen, display on a portal screen or natural dialog interface.
B-03 ec-concier "ec-concier" is a cloud service with AI that enables you to provide better experience for your customers visiting your website by displaying a widget at appropriate timing. We introduce details of "ec-concier" and effective use cases.
B-04 Field Weeding Robot using AI This robot helps suppress weeds growing in the field and rice paddies. While running autonomously in the field, the robot distinguishes agricultural crops from weeds using AI-based image recognition technology and eliminates weeds.
B-05 AI Infotainment utilizing user emotions We demonstrate a function intended for AI Infotainment Service (voice AI agent service for vehicles), in which the AI agent responds to the driver based on his/her emotion the agent recognizes from the driver’s speech.
B-06 AI Infotainment Service This service offers information and convenience to drivers, predicting their behaviors for creating new value of mobility by AI Infotainment service and connected cars. Our demo includes a voice agent and a video on service concept.
B-07 Speech dialogue system by 2 agents In this system, two agents can maintain a natural speech dialogue by following each other's utterance. The system also enables smooth dialogue by controlling the agent's utterance timing so that it will not interrupt the user's utterance.
B-08 Chat-oriented dialogue service "katarai" This service enables easy deployment of chat dialogue function without the need for scenario creation. Its 40-million utterance database enables response to any input. The system can customize utterances by mimicking particular characters.
B-09 Chatbot for sport spectators We exhibit a chatbot that enables conversations based on situations changing in real time. Out chatbot can voluntarily talk to and answer questions from users by leveraging information such as which player did what and overall game status.
B-10 Speech Translation with Paralinguistics We introduce Speech Translation with paralinguistic information, which identifies/factors in the speaker's attributes and intentions in providing voice-to-voice/-text translation that reflects the feelings/intentions of speakers.
B-11 Natural Dialog Engine FAQ Chatbot "FAQ Chatbot Powered by DOCOMO's Natural-language Dialog Engine" is a service for easy chatbot creation based on existing Q&A lists. We give a demo on its management portal screen and show how to use FAQ chatbots on a chat app/web browser.
B-12 Natural Language Dialogue Platform This platform is DOCOMO’s core technology for conversational AI built on Shabette Concier achievements. We exhibit a knowledge document search "COTOHA Retrieval (tentative name)" and open platform for application developers "xAIML SUNABA".
B-13 Automatic text summarization system We introduce an automatic text summarization technology, which uses statistical and deep learning algorithms to generate summaries with good coverage and readability. Amid information overload, this can help reduce cost and browsing time.
B-14 Multi-Language Natural Dialogue Platform We introduce a Chinese natural dialogue platform that can recognize speakers' intentions and respond with appropriate answers. With a growing number of Chinese visiting Japan every year, this is a much-needed platform at shops, hotels, etc.
B-15 "Gitatore" and Acoustic Recognition We demonstrate an acoustic recognition technology that analyzes the sounds of guitar and recognizes the rhythm and chords. As an application example of the technology, we exhibit the guitar training app "Gitatore" from Shimamura Music.
B-16 Context(usage scene)-aware translation Upon receiving text input, this system determines its usage scene and displays an optimal translation result. In the demonstration, you can see how this context-aware system translates differently from a usual automatic translation system.
B-17 Hanashite Hon'yaku for Biz "Hanashite Hon'yaku for Biz" is multilingual service support app for corporate customers. This app is designed to assist retail shops in offering hospitality to customers in 12 languages. You can experience the app with Ipad Pro (TBD).
B-18 "Mirai Translator" "Mirai Translator" is a corporate text translation service by Mirai Translate, equipped with the latest high-performance machine translation engine. Our demo includes "File Translation" for instant translation only with file drag-and-drop.
B-19 Translation Support Microphone Translation Support Microphone is an easy-to-use Bluetooth microphone-speaker working with a smartphone and offers more accurate speech translation than a smartphone microphone. We give a demo of speech translation using this microphone.
B-20 Japanese Food Menu AR This is an app for a smartphone that enables users to find foods of interest in photos, provides information on dishes/ingredients when scanning a menu and supports communication with the restaurant staff with its phrasing function.
B-21 Japanese Language Training AI This is a Japanese conversation training support service for people from overseas interested in Japan or working in Japan. Our Support AI enables users to freely create dialogues of their own and use them for their practice.
B-22 GSTAV We show movements of inbound visitors to Japan captured using mobile spatial statistics in an easy-to-understand visual format, such as daily trends of visitors arriving from NRT and leaving from KIX, popular spots only for Thais tourists.
B-23 English Composition Rating Agent We demonstrate an AI-based system, which scores and corrects English sentences composed by a user. You can experience this automatic scoring technology by entering text on the web browser or speaking to a scoring app on a smartphone.
B-24 Personalized Point-of-Interest search We've developed a technology for personalized Point-of-Interest(POI) search based on the history of visited sites to improve user experience. We give a demo where users get search results tailored to the location history in their terminals.
B-25 Stress level estimation from smartphone We introduce a set of technologies that enable us to identify our behavioral patterns based our everyday smartphone usage and tell us our estimated stress state. We demonstrate the application to which these technologies are applied.
B-26 Advanced "Osusume Hint" We introduce the mechanism of "Osusume Hint" which assists users how to use Smartphone using AI. We also demonstrate "Osusume Hint" on Android device.
B-27 Next generation farming by corevoR We introduce a new solution enabling cultivation of GLOBALG.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices)-compliant vegetables to be served. This will be realized through a combination of a unique hydroponics (by our partner) and corevoR/DOCOMO’s IoT.
B-28 Population-based People Flow Estimation This technology enables us to estimate people flows between areas only based on demographic data, i.e., people counts at each area and each time step. We show a demo system that displays the flows of people estimated by our technology.
B-29 Bike-sharing service optimization trial An excess/shortage of parking lots due to uneven bike usage over time/among areas is a problem the bike-sharing business is facing. We exhibit a system that forecasts future bike demand and recommends optimal number/reallocation of bikes.
B-30 Evolution of "Mobile Spatial Statistics" We introduce mobile spatial statistics, which supports marketing by providing demographic forecast in Japan and exhibit AI-based real-time forecast of various types of population: tourists, traffic, taxi passengers, and future population.
B-31 Smart Album Extraction by AI on the Edge We demonstrate a cooperative system of AI on the edge camera and cloud to extract only high-score images shot by the AI edge camera, process them by face & gesture recognition on the cloud and automatically create today’s highlight album.
B-32 Deep-learning based image analysis We introduce a system to analyze people's traffic flow, waiting time, etc. by utilizing a deep-learning-based image analysis technology, enabling shops to adjust their promotion activities or factories to control their operation/security.
B-33 Image recognition for 5G security camera This system performs fast recognition of images from security cameras using cloud connected via 5G and edge computing and is able to find a match in the database, track/count people and detect individuals and estimate their attributes.
B-34 Sports video sensing technology We demonstrate a technology to automatically analyze futsal video clips and display analysis results. This system consists of technologies to make a highlight video by automatically extracting goal scenes and track players' movements.
B-35 AI Agent x AI Geeks Our "AI Agent API" is a natural language dialog platform for your solutions. DOCOMO is working with many partners to achieve the goal of "ubiquitous interactive AI service." We introduce how our AI agents play their roles in various scenes.
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C-01 Driving Recorder Solution This is a driving simulator with a driving recorder function. You can experience a simulated drive around the city of Marunouchi in our booth and see how the driving recorder and administrator screen on a laptop are working as your drive.
C-02 Make your smartphone a car key In our demonstration, you can experience our solution to lock & unlock a car door with a smartphone. We introduce use cases of the solution for mobility service providers such as car rental, car sharing and car leasing businesses.
C-03 Construction IoT by DOCOMO x LANDLOG 'Construction IoT Platform is a total solution that analyzes data and control process/quality/safety/cost of construction sites. In collaboration with LANDLOG and other companies, we aim to digitally transform the construction industry.
C-04 Application of consumer eSIM to the car Dual-SIM-Dual-Active mode with Telematics-eSIM and Consumer-eSIM enables cars/users to connect smartphones and cars more seamlessly. We introduce a convenient and enjoyable space in the car that can be created via Consumer-eSIM.
C-05 IoT solution for early failure detection This is a comprehensive IoT solution package for the manufacturing industry that predicts the timing of failures by measuring the vibration of rotating equipment to help prevent machine failures and optimize machine maintenance cost.
C-06 Water level monitoring via LTE This is a water level monitoring system utilizing Sakata Denki's sensor device & DOCOMO LTE network to enable early evacuation in case of a flood, operating non-stop for more than 5 years. This a compact, integrated system easy to install.
C-07 Low-power LTE Terminal for IoT solutions We exhibit a low power LTE terminal that supports low power LTE technologies (Cat.1 + eDRX) for IoT solutions. As a use case of this LPWA system, we show a gas smart meter solution with our LTE terminal operable for 10 years on a battery.
C-08 " LoRaWAN ? " service We introduce DOCOMO's LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) service "LoRaWAN." A dedicated base station "LoRaWAN Spot" enables you to build a communication area at a location of your choice, where many devices can be connected.
C-09 MaBeee Solution "Mabeee M" is an IoT device that connects to the Cloud (SaaS) and visualizes the usage and remaining battery level of the product set as a battery. We plan to provide it as a multi-device solution linked to location service.
C-10 Remote Monitoring Service This is a remote monitor service with a call center. A "Remote Care Base" with a sound sensor monitors/analyzes ambient noises in a room with its own algorithms and alerts a caretaker upon detecting an abnormal noise like a fall, etc.
C-11 DOCOMO IoT managed service We exhibit a panel: "Overview of IoT managed service." We introduce our Co-creation Case With ELIIY Power and ELIIY CLOUD and display environment sensors and open/close sensors of Bluetooth5, Powerful LTEgateway and security for LTEgateway.
C-12 Global IoT Solution (Globiot?) We introduce Global IoT Solution (Globiot), a managed service that provides global connectivity, operations and consulting services on a one-stop basis for enterprise customers to support their global deployment of IoT products.
C-13 docomo IoT Kaisenkanri Platform This is a service for IoT/M2M consisting of a "IoT communication line (SIM + DOCOMO communication network)" and "line management system." This allows customers to open/close lines and manage traffic volume by themselves for cost reduction.
C-14 Smart Parking Peasy We introduce our Smart Parking Peasy from the aspects of drivers and parking lot businesses, respectively. We also give a demo of car entry to/exit from a lot, using a driver application and smart parking sensor attached to the parking lot.
C-15 ACALA MESH ACALA MESH is a state-of-the-art Integrated Monitoring and Record- Keeping system for temperature/humidity. We introduce a simple cloud-based solution to meet the needs of a wide range of industries for easy temperature/humidity monitoring.
C-16 Development of Device WebAPI Device WebAPI is a framework enabling the use of various devices connected to smartphones with a standard Web technology. We introduce activities at Device WebAPI Consortium established by DOCOMO and many other companies working together.
C-17 Drone utilizing a cellular network We introduce examples of cellular drone utilization, showing the equipment for video transmission from the air and actual video shot by drones. We also exhibit a web app for 3D cellular area maps that visualizes the aerial signal condition.
C-18 Cellular Drone:Radio Network Enhancement We introduce the drone control functions we are investigating to expand the usage of cellular drones and results of our field trials. We intend to mitigate drones' impact on the network to accommodate all users including drones efficiently.
C-19 Geofencing platform A platform for location-based check-in detection in mobile apps.
We introduce the detection mechanism, techniques for optimizing notifications (attributes, location, etc.), and people flow analysis (correlation between facilities, etc.).
C-20 Optimal tuna feeding system by IoT x AI In a tuna farm, we visualize the pen's condition to determine the most suitable feeding method. The data obtained remotely by IoT technology are analyzed to find the most suitable feeding volume and timing for most efficient tuna farming.
C-21 Range Extension Scheme for IoT Wireless We introduce two techniques. 1) Wireless relay technique to collect data from sensors installed in underground infrastructures. 2) Range extension technique for efficient transfer of collected data to the network using LPWA such as LoRa.
C-22 PaddyWatch/Mimawarirakutaro This service uses IoT devices such as sensors to notify smartphones/tablets of water level/temperature measurements in paddy fields or any activation of a wildlife trap, enabling efficient paddy field management for farmers.
C-23 DOCOMO USA's IoT Solutions Services (1) We introduce our IoT solutions for restaurants/retails to reduce food loss and to measure marketing effect/conversion rates. We also introduce a picture matching platform for events by local governments to revitalize their communities.
C-24 DOCOMO USA's IoT Solutions Services (2) This is an edge computer vision solution to deliver counts & crowd analytics with focus on privacy. Sensor does the edge analysis and transfer meta data to cloud via LTE. Docomo USA works closely with Motionloft to deploy in Asia.
C-25 DOCOMO ASIA IoT Solution Platform We demonstrate "visualization" of data from sensors of our IoT service for the southeast-Asian manufacturing industry. We introduce an IoT use case at a plastic plant for vehicle/electronic equipment for higher efficiency/productivity.
C-26 Cleaning service optimization solution This is a solution for efficient cleaning service using IoT sensors and cloud service. For example, a sensor attached to a recycle bin measures the amount of waste and lets the cleaning staff know the optimal timing to collect the waste.
C-27 Simple/secure fully managed IoT service This is a fully managed IoT service that supports simple/secure/global IoT deployment. We also introduce our IoT service for manufacturers utilizing this service called "OMNIedge," which was publicly announced on Oct. 18 2018.
C-28 Drone Agri Support Service We introduce our Drone Agri-Support Service, a comprehensive scheme including crop growth monitoring using near-infrared images taken by drones, pinpointed pesticide/fertilizer application using the above and field server for hydroponics.
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D-01 IoT Smart Home You can experience our IoT SmartHome, a future house that supports residents with Cloud "IoT Access-Control Engine" by providing "comfort", "health", "safety", "security" and "beauty" for their lives by interoperating various devices.
D-02 d car share For anyone who wants to drive a car, we introduce Japan's first comprehensive car sharing platform "d car share." d car share offers services including car sharing, My car sharing, Car rental and test drive. The key is already in your hand.
D-03 Smart City Initiatives with Las Vegas We demonstrate a "public safety solution" for smart city initiatives currently underway in Las Vegas, using AI/IoT technologies based on data from sensors installed across the city. You can watch an AR movie of the use case being verified.
D-04 Smart island field trial in Ishigaki We introduce a smart island field trial conducted in Ishigaki City, where we visualized various types of data to make the local government operations more efficient and to help provide more satisfactory public service to local residents.
D-05 AI BusTM With panel display, we introduce AI Bus, which is a new transportation system that combines the advantages of taxi and bus. You can experience the AI Bus as a passenger using the application from the moment you get on the bus to get it off.
D-06 AI-based drive assistance solution This is an AI-based app that determines the drowsiness level of the driver by tracking/analyzing the driver's wobbly body movement and eye blinks and alerts the driver when necessary to prevent him/her from falling asleep at the wheel.
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E-01 39cafe produced by 39works We introduce DOCOMO's activities such as '39 works' aimed at new business creation, which include "Innovation Challenge Project" undertaken by R&D's individual innovators. Please drop in our booth and use it as a place for relaxation.
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F-01 Live Animation Heart x Algorhythm We demonstrate interactive live (CG) animation performance and music live by anime characters. "Live Animation Heart x Algorhythm" is created by CMCC and NTT DOCOMO as a new type of entertainment experience called "live animation."
F-02 Mindfulness meditation VR Mindfulness meditation trains your brain to stay focuced on your breath, relax your brain and makes it more resistant to stress if you practice it regularly. In our demo, you can experience a simple meditation method “Healing VR.”
F-03 Kirari! for Arena We introduce the Kirari! viewing style involving tracking 3D positions of objects in video, extracting images of those objects and using Advanced MMT to send the data to the viewing space where pseudo 3D images are constructed/displayed.
F-04 Spherical Drone Display We've developed the world's first spherical drone. This time we exhibit the latest model that can display image in 3D space with 10 times the resolution of the existing one, a highly maneuverable drone aimed to be used for ad/stage effects.
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G-01 KENKO (Health) MILEAGE KENKO (Health) MILEAGE supports better health for people of all generations by offering benefits and events easily accessible by anyone, such as incentive points according to their step counts and bonus points for event attendance.
G-02 Applications of acetone analyzers You can experience our acetone analyzer that tells you the level of your fat metabolism/carbohydrate intake when you press your left palm onto it for 13 seconds. We introduce its use cases/application scenarios for the health food industry.
G-03 HOPE LifeMark-WINCARE We give a demo of "HOPE LifeMark-WINCARE for DOCOMO," a solution that enables the nursing service staff to record the implemented care on the tablet while at the care receiver's home and create billing automatically without doing PC work.
G-04 Healthcare Data Business We introduce our activity with various industry partners to explore how we bring more accessible health benefits to our customers using their personal health records stored through our ICT services such as Medication Notebook app.
G-05 TheDiary? x Health Age? TheDiary? enables the staff engaged in medicine, nursing and hearth guidance to remotely provide medical support customized for individuals based on their health information. HealthAge? estimates your body's age by data of TheDiary?.
G-06 Health care service with skin analysis Our service provides personalized advice for each user by analyzing/ visualizing how their skin condition is causally related to their health actions via machine learning, aiming to motivate users to take voluntary actions for healthcare.
G-07 Maternity Log Study
-Longitudinal lifelog monitoring/omics analyses-
We introduce our project on multi-layered analyses of daily lifelog (lifestyle habit) and omics data (genome, RNA, metabolites, etc.) collected from pregnant women for their disease prevention, giving a demo of some service scenarios.
G-08 Specific Health Guidance Service We will explain docomo's Specific Health Guidance Service and show some demonstrations using smartphone application for persons needing Specific Health Guidance.
G-10 Re:Body Re:Body provides a health management platform to companies who are promoting employees' Health and Productivity Management. In addition to the healthcare management application, we introduce best practices of health enhancement as well.
G-11 EcoBuy service EcoBuy is a service aimed at causing a change in our everyday purchase/consumption habits and leading to food loss reduction by proposing a new lifestyle for consumers that benefits them and makes them aware of their social contribution.
G-12 my sleep: Sleep management program Do you have any trouble sleeping? If yes, this is the booth you should visit. As the work-style reform underway, improving employee productivity becomes more important. We will check if you have adequate sleep and give advice accordingly.
G-13 Education program creation by 5G X Medical VR This is an activity for creating new educational programs by the fusion of the latest technologies: 5G and VR, enabling immersive learning by making learners in remote sites feel as if they were experiencing an actual learning environment.
G-14 Health kiosk: Self-health examinations We exhibit a "Health Kiosk," co-developed by Dai Nippon Printing, Nelsite and DOCOMO, aiming to provide a solution for health and productivity management. You can experience 9 types of self-examinations such as the level of fat metabolism.
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H-01 VR attraction "Gold Rush VR" We introduce a VR treasure hunting attraction "Gold Rush VR" provided by Hashilus. Players can experience 3 different stages in 5m space on a trolley to transport to different fields, creating an illusion of embarking on a great journey.
H-02 Cycling VR "Cycling VR" provided by CROSSDEVICE Inc. is a speed-linked 360 ??VR video system combining a bicycle (static bike) and VR. You can enjoy the immersive experience that makes you feel as if you were actually cycling over the field.
H-03 Rafting VR This is a rafting VR provided by Rockin'Pool Inc. Playing the VR on a raft floating on the water gives you a special experience you never have when you are on land.
H-04 AI based body measurement "Bodygram" We introduce and give a demo of "Bodygram," a cutting-edge AI body measurement technology of Original, which enables us to take measurements of 16 areas of our whole body while wearing clothes using two front-side and side-view photos.
H-05 Battery-Free?BluetoothR Technology We introduce a tiny Bluetooth tag developed by Wiliot. It sends ID, weight, temperature information and is free from a battery since it can harvest energy from ambient radio waves. We display a prototype and describe functions/use cases.
H-06 Visirium Technology based Laser Eyewear We exhibit a Retinal Imaging Laser Eyewear ”RETISSA Display" developed by QD Laser. This enables us to see another image superimposed partly over our field of vision. The image is focus-free, not susceptible to our eyesight or focal point.
H-07 Interactive Movie Technology "TIG" We introduce "TIG" from Paronym, which allows users to find points to TIG with ease and to stock information of interest by simply touching points in video. In our demo, you can experience the technology in action on smart devices.
H-08 Sport Entertainment App "Player!" We give a demo of "Player!" from Ookami, a sport entertainment application. You can watch video on the application and also experience the screen of the widget provided through collaboration between Player! and DOCOMO's d menu.
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I-01 d POINT 3rd Anniversary Campaign We introduce our d POINT 3rd Anniversary Campaign. The campaign is designed to be beneficial, enjoyable and convenient. Good deals for both subscribers and non-subscribers of DOCOMO cellular service!
I-02 my Trade: Invest management App We introduce our service "myTrade," an app for individual investors, showing its actual screen. "myTrade" becomes very popular on Twitter, widely used by experts and beginners alike. This is a must-see if you are interested in investment.
I-03 Point Investment / THEO+ docomo We introduce "Point Investment," a service that allows you to experience virtual investment with “d POINT"; and "THEO + docomo," an asset management service using Robo-Advisor, explaining their details and asset management methodologies.
I-04 ModuleApps ModuleApps is a service that enables low-cost/short-term in-house hybrid (ASP + customization) app development. We introduce dACCOUNT linkage, dPOINT card display and other functions we've developed and give a demo using actual devices.
I-05 Targeting Ad using DOCOMO data We introduce highly accurate segments using DOCOMO data and advertisement media (d menu, DOCOMO ADNW, DOCOMO DSP, messageS, direct-mail ad) provided by DOCOMO. We exhibit a schematic drawing and plan to distribute ad-product sales sheet.
I-06 ”d-POINT” "d-pay" "d-POINT" can be used/earned at more merchants. This is a point program even non-DOCOMO subscribers can join.
"d-pay" is an easy, convenient settlement service for combining the payment of shopping bills with monthly charges to DOCOMO.
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J-01 Drone repeater base station In case of a natural disaster, a drone with a repeater will relay signals from a neighbor base station to an out-of-service area to provide temporary service coverage. Powered from the ground by a wire, it can operate for long hours.
J-02 Disaster-resistant and Eco-friendly NW We introduce our activity on solar powered base stations (“Green Base Stations”) to achieve a disaster-resistant and eco-friendly network. We exhibit some power-supply equipment and an integrated monitoring system for Green Base Stations.
J-03 Evolution of NFV Commercialization DOCOMO has introduced NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) for secure/comfortable communication and prompt service launch. With NFV, we offer a stable network even during traffic congestion caused by natural disasters or large events.
J-04 Disaster countermeasures by NTT DOCOMO We introduce our "mobile" base stations dispatched to disaster-stricken areas to provide coverage instead of affected stations. We choose whichever suitable from portable-/vehicle-type base stations for each area for early service recovery.
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K-01 VR experience of High Cell Tower Job We introduce a VR that creates an immersive high cell tower environment accompanied by hazards (such as dropped tools/falling workers) to raise safety awareness among participants. This VR can be utilized for construction worker training.
K-02 Comfortable networks provided by AI "Zero Touch Operation" will realize automated network operations by using AI technology and operate proactively to keep the quality of customer experience high, enabling provision of more comfortable and stable networks.
K-03 Base-station on hand-carry cart (BCC) This is a base station easy to hand-carry, drastically smaller compared to existing P-BTS, able to be readily installed in various places and utilized as a small-cell combined with a macro cell for flexible cell planning/hot-spot coverage.
K-04 Introduction of Manhole Base Station We introduce/display the Manhole Base Station, a new type of base station installed underground. This is under verification and is expected to be commercialized within this fiscal year to cover more areas without affecting the landscapes.
K-05 OAM wireless multiplexing technology We present OAM wireless multiplexing technology aiming to achieve the world-first Tbit/s class wireless communication. We introduce our technological concept and world leading experimental results using a replica, panels, and video.
K-06 High-speed IC technology for beyond 5G We have developed an ultrahigh-speed IC that operates in a 300GHz band, and have succeeded in demonstrating 100Gbps wireless transmission with one wave. It works 10 times faster than 5G, and is expected to be a technology for beyond 5G.
K-07 LASOLV We introduce a computer developed by NTT "LASOLV." It uses a totally new principle: the light. Using characteristics of the light, it can solve difficult problems and derive the most optimal answer from many options at the fastest speed.
K-08 DOCOMO Cloud Package We introduce “docomo Cloud Package," a set of expertise accumulated through our use of cloud services by showing the actual screen of the service, covering various levels of topics from first cloud use to tips for serverless architecture.
K-10 Secure chat by NTT’s cryptosystem We show a prototype chat app using NTT's cryptographic techniques. Existing enterprise chat apps have a risk of message leakage due to various attacks. NTT developed the techniques that realize end-to-end encryption in enterprise chat apps.
K-11 New VPN for Upcoming 5G Era A combination of DOCOMO's 5G network and DNP (Dai Nippon Printing)'s Multi-Peer VPN has achieved P2P bulk data transmission. We introduce a "remote monitoring system," which offers a flexible communication environment for railway companies.
K-12 DOCOMO Okudake Wi-Fi Service We introduce "Okudake Wi-Fi" Service, which enables users to easily build a carrier-free public WiFi environment connected to DOCOMO LTE only by installing an access point. In our booth, you can experience the service with your smartphone.
K-13 Automatic Repeater Monitoring Tool We exhibit a newly developed tool to remotely control and monitor the state of repeaters. It enables early detection of any failure of a repeater and timely action such as replacement of the faulty repeater, raising customer satisfaction.
K-14 ScanMonster: Cloud assessment tool ScanMonster is an automatic assessment tool for AWS users, enabling them to confirm the compliance of their security policy and detect any security risks at an early stage. We demonstrate how to use the tool with its 60 assessment items.
K-15 "Cost Visualizer" for cloud users CostVisualizer is a cost analysis tool for AWS users. This tool allows us to visualize and analyze public cloud usage and cost easily.
We will demonstrate how to use CostVisualizer and analyze cost and usage.
K-16 Estimation of QoE by using Traffic Data We've developed a method that estimates the QoE (Quality of Experience) for customers during web browsing or video watching by using Traffic Data, aiming to detect/improve low-quality service swiftly and provide comfortable network service.
K-17 s-WorkSquare WorkSquare (Daas) enables you to work in the same PC environment whether you are in or out of the office. Our demo of actual service shows you the usability and convenience of using s-WorkSquare.
K-18 sMeeting sMeeting is a cloud-type Web conferencing service that provides a rich set of functions to efficiently realize conference calls and promote work style reform. We show you how sMeeting can be used conveniently by actually using the service.
K-19 officelink+ Officelink+ is FMC service with a cloud phone directory. Mobile phones become extension phones with nationwide area coverage. In addition, on the cloud telephone directory, you can browse the latest company directory via multiple devices.
K-20 Network evolution towards 5G We exhibit our NW equipment being developed for commercial service such as 5G base station central units (CU), LTE antennas (for 8 bands, etc.) and MEC server. We also introduce DOCOMO's efforts for upgrading our NW towards the 5G era.
K-21 Turning Windows into Base Stations We introduce a service using the world's first radio transceiver antenna developed by DOCOMO and AGC, which can be installed on the window glass from the interior side and turns it into a base station. We exhibit a mock-up of the antenna.
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L-01 TOPGUN We introduce "TOPGUN," small but powerful 3-party teams of our customers, DOCOMO's R&D and corporate sales staff formed to solve customers' issues, stressing needs/technology matching, PoC/problem- solving concurrency and customer value.
L-02 Information board with touch and voice This is an AI-based multilingual guidance service with customizable characters. We demonstrate the service in multiple languages in collaboration with 3DCG Saya.
L-03 DOCOMO AI Agent API We aim to provide interactive AI services for various "things": To strengthen my daiz partner companies' touchpoint with customers; To Provide AI agent service customized for each partner company and AI solution template for each industry.
L-04 Cardboard robot for programming Cardboard robot "e-Craft series embot" for programming education which enables easy and enjoyable learning. We display its assembly kit, tablet application, and support tools for elementary schools. We also plan to sell them on-site.
L-05 Sensor programing for kids' education With "Scratch" (Educational Programming language), we demonstrate how to use sensor data for programming education. We also introduce some use cases in programming education for children.n.
L-06 Conversation via Touch Tablet app that enables communication simply by touch with people who have difficulty in verbal communication in Japanese, such as people from abroad, hearing-impaired, and elderly. Fixed form sentences and illustrations can be customized.
L-07 AI Image Recognition Engine Automatic real-time product identification solution for store shelves using AI image recognition. This solution enables price tag verification, stockout detection, time reduction of product allocation, Halal/allergy food recognition, etc.
L-08 Big Data Analytics Real-time sales forecasting solution for restaurants. This solution uses AI to predict the amount of sales based on the population statistics generated from mobile terminal network operational data and on the past sales data of restaurants.
L-09 Location Net We introduce "Location Net," a location detection and monitoring solution using BLE. This solution is especially effective indoors where GPS is weak. BLE tags have a long battery life of 6 months! Service deployment is easy and speedy.
L-10 Efficient meeting room usage solution This is a solution which visualizes real-time usage/vacancy of meeting rooms. It can analyze meeting room bookings and actual usage to prevent issues such as "Meeting rooms are fully booked, but some are not in use."
L-11 User Activity Visualization This project is designed to create user behavior indexes from sensor data. We are aiming to make office communication more active and office meetings more productive by indexing user activities.
L-12 Mobile Camera Platform By using battery-powered wireless cameras and DOCOMO's mobile network, this platform is able to "digitize" various usage scenarios where we could not install cameras until now and offer added value with DOCOMO image recognition technology.
L-13 Sports scene sensing Sports data analysis is commonplace in the world of professional sports, but requires a very expensive system. Our aim is to provide an inexpensive, sports visualization solution for semi-professional teams, as well as sports enthusiasts.
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L-14 Innovations on 5G Open Cloud We are driving the development of next generation applications and services by connecting innovators, industries and developers at "Innovations on 5G Open Cloud". We introduce some ideas of new technologies and services in our booth.
L-15 DOCOMO 5G OPEN CLOUD This is a telecom cloud environment directly connecting "DOCOMO 5G Open Lab" for 5G technology verification with cloud computing facilities. With various partners, we are co-creating solutions for social problems and industrial efficiency.
L-16 5G OPEN CLOUD × Security platform This solution provides dynamic security measures in the NFV in preparation for security threats on 5G open cloud. In this exhibition, we demonstrate countermeasures against security threats and network visualization.
L-17 5G × DOCOMO Cloud Platform DOCOMO Cloud Platform is a public cloud service we build/operate. Upon request, we provide basic functions of IaaS, e.g., virtual machine instance, storage. We can also provide the service as a closed, integrated NW with a transport layer.
L-18 5G OPEN CLOUD × Safety watching This solution can remotely grasp an abnormal state of site workers by monitoring their location, vital data, etc. We demonstrate how to visualize the conditions of persons by asking them to hold a smartphone or wear a smart watch.
L-19 5G OPEN CLOUD × Video platform This is a simple relay solution that allows video editing with one laptop computer even at a visiting place. You can edit the uploaded movie in real time and distribute it on Youtube etc. This provides various editing menus.
L-20 5G OPEN CLOUD × Reliable and secure IaaS 5G Trial IaaS provides reliable and secure computing to support 5G services. In this exhibition, we show you an example of "Virtual Machine installed vGPU," which enables "super"-high-capacity contents.
L-21 5G OPEN CLOUD × XR 3D design Leveraging 5G, this solution enables sharing of/coworking on 3D designs between remote locations in XR environment, drastically cutting the cost of transportation/lead time for designers and improving the process of product development.
L-22 5G OPEN CLOUD × Digital signage This is a new "interactive signage" solution combining "digital signage" and "docomo image recognition engine." We introduce a case where restaurant ad contents matching the person shown in the camera are switched and displayed each time.
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L-23 DOCOMO 5G Open Lab in TOKYO Big Sight DOCOMO PACIFIC plans to roll out 5G Open Lab in Guam in the Spring of 2019.
DOCOMO PACIFIC will provide a test environment for partners to support various initiatives and new business models.
L-24 Next-generation video experience We introduce examples of ultrahigh-definition video (4K/8K) transmission adopting the latest video coding technology H.265/HEVC and a demo system that shows you 4K broadcasting/simulcast over IP exhibited in DOCOMO 5G Open Lab Yotsuya.
L-25 High-Reliability Video Transmission This is a system that enables stable switching in multi-camera/multi-channel video transmission. We demonstrate how it can maintain smooth switching/uninterrupted transmission of video even upon an equipment failure or a NW problem.
L-26 Future experience created by 5G We conduct public pilot experiments to verify the effectiveness of 5G for sensing devices using image-definition AI and machine control technology and for remote working support using AR. (with RICOH, Eiwa System Management)
L-27 5G in Guam DOCOMO PACIFIC plans to roll out 5G Open Lab in Guam in the Spring of 2019.
DOCOMO PACIFIC will provide a test environment for partners to support various initiatives and new business models.
L-28 Use cases of 5G trials We show you various types of use cases of pilot experiments so far conducted nationwide under "DOCOMO 5G Open Partner Program." You can feel the potential of 5G technologies and the wide spectrum of DOCOMO 5G Open Partner Program.
L-29 5G×AR: New style of sports experience We introduce a new style of sports experience where you can watch real-time AR contents (including athletes' profile, ranking, record) on your Smartglasses using the MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) server via a 5G network
L-30 Multi-view video service with 5G We introduce our trial activities to verify the quality of simultaneous transmission of multiple large-volume data such as 4K and multi-view videos over 5G to smartphones, etc. You can feel the potential of new 5G broadcasting services.
L-31 5G Social Viewing in VR space We introduce our trial activities for a new style of sports watching in VR space via 5G. In our demo, you can watch video of your choice among up to 16 live feeds sent to the split-screen in the VR space from the stadium.
L-32 New possibility for the 360-degree 8K VR We exhibit our Real-time 5G data transmission experiment of 360-degree 8K VR and 8K VR archived video conducted in Niigata City, showing its documentary video and actual VR video shot in Niigata and Aqua Design Amano's underwater video.
L-33 Future-oriented racing viewing We exhibit real-time 5G data transmission of 360-degree 4K VR in full-scale Hill Climb event for classic cars and racing cars. You can watch VR video shot at the event.
L-34 First 5G live video coverage in Japan We introduce our trial activities for a new style of live coverage of events such as marathon, golf and ceremony events, which is free from the conventional constraints of long cables needed to be installed up to on-site cameras.
L-35 Future fisheries industry using AI We introduce a solution leveraging AI-based image recognition to help fishery workers to judge the appropriate quantity of fish in transferring fish from one tank to another for shipping, avoiding current huge errors due to visual counting.
L-36 3D × 5G agile construction We introduce an agile construction solution of the 5G era, which enables real-time acquisition/management of 3D data of buildings under construction even in a remote site by using 3D scanning and high-speed large-capacity 5G in combination.
L-37 Agricultural support with 8K video This is a remote agricultural support solution to compensate for worker shortage due to aging where experienced farmers give advice remotely when necessary, e.g., in the harvest season by watching high-definition video transmitted with 5G.
L-38 Drone with wired power feed & 4K camera We exhibit our 5G pilot experiment in Aso City, Kumamoto Pref., using a drone with a power feed system by wire and a 4K camera. You can view real-time 4K video shot in Aso and realize wide usage of wired drones combined with image analysis.
L-39 teamLabBody We introduce a human anatomy app. Wearing a WindowsMR VR headset, you can manipulate the 3D human anatomy model in the VR space with a motion controller. The app enables remote learning with its real-time information sharing capability.
L-40 AR smartglasses changes your way of work We demonstrate how 5G and a domestically-made smartglass "AceReal" can support workers in a remote place. Displayed guidance using AR enables even novice workers to achieve the quality of work close to that of experienced workers.
L-41 Revolutionary service by 5G × Blockchain We showcase the strengths and distinctions of the blockchain in our early work. You can experience our "ultrahigh-speed transaction" enabled by 5G high-speed communications and its own blockchain which outperforms the existing one.
L-42 AVATAR MUSEUM This service enables you to virtually teleport to museums, aquariums, etc. whenever you like, from any place. With the use of "IoA Virtual TeleportationR" technology, you can enjoy sightseeing in a remote place using you avatar.
L-43 5G contest for colleges of technology We introduce two ideas * adopted in the demonstration contest for wireless IoT technology using 5G, which invited ideas from students of national institutes of technology.
* OKINAWA College and TOYOTA College
L-44 5G Open Partner Program We introduce "DOCOMO 5G Open Partner Program" launched in February, 2018, showing the history and potential of the program on the panels, which describe the workshops and pilot experiments conducted with our partners and future prospects.
L-45 5G OPP Private lounge This is a special area exclusively provided for the partners of DOCOMO 5G Open Partner Program. A tour to selected exhibits and workshops/seminars on "practice of open innovation" are offered to stimulate communication among partners.
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M-01 8K Multi-Channel Real-time Transmission We demonstrate how the system transmits 8K multichannel/high-definition videos real-time via different network paths, which are synchronized on the network and sent over high-speed/high-capacity 5G to the terminal equipment to be displayed.
M-02 Stress-free multi-viewing with 5G Core We demonstrate a multi-angle replay viewing system for users watching sports events in stadiums. We realize smooth switching of video angles with dynamic network slice selection technique which uses users' screen operation as a trigger.
M-03 5G long-distance live broadcast trial We perform a trial of live broadcast of 4K video streaming between two locations: Odaiba and Big Sight, using our 28 GHz-band 5G transmission trial system (for the transmission between Fuji TV Wangan (waterfront) Studio and Telecom Center).
M-04 Roaming in 5G Era Roaming in 5G Era will face a new paradigm and disruptive innovation. We introduce issues/vision for roaming services in the 5G era and trials so far conducted with KT. We give a demo of roaming with 5G aspects.
M-05 Transparent Display for Racing Helmet DOCOMO is working with DANDELION RACING to develop a device (transparent display) fixed to a racing helmet that enables a racer to capture information without eye motion. We introduce a demo device used in our trial by showing a video.
M-06 Low-latency remote control on GPU cloud Low-latency adaptive video streaming control technology is demonstrated over 5G, through time-critical gaming performance. The technology has potentials to expand its applications e.g., to IoT, AR, VR, and MR, toward 2020 and beyond.
M-07 Hybrid video transmission by 5G We introduce a hybrid transmission method over 5G, which combines the immediacy of linear service and convenience of on-demand delivery. Our exhibition includes an outcome of MIC 5G verification test (G1) conducted in November 2018.
M-08 Diorama Stadium 2018 We provide new sports contents enabled by 5G and AR. You can enjoy various types of new sports contents such as video of games and players' movements from free viewpoints. You can view a game on a 3D field shown on the table via the tablet.
M-09 5G × High definition 4K video We display the concept of new viewing experience by IoT devices.
M-10 Remote control of humanoid robot over 5G We demonstrate remote control of a humanoid robot (T-HR3) over 5G. Use of low-latency 5G between T-HR3 and its master maneuver system enables T-HR3 to share torques with the operator remotely located and to mimic the operator's movement.
M-11 MIC's 5G Field Trials We introduce the 5G Field Trials ongoing under the initiative of the Ministry (MIC) in FY 2018. DOCOMO is working with various partners on the systems enabling over 1 Gbps on average at high speed and over 4-8 Gbps on average at rest.
M-12 Advanced security service realized by 5G We introduce the successful results of our field trial conducted in collaboration with ALSOK and NEC to achieve an advanced security service leveraging 5G in transmitting video images from high-resolution cameras.
M-13 Video Transmission for SL Realized by 5G We introduce 5G real-time video transmission trial to Steam Locomotive (SL) TAIJU conducted jointly with TOBU RAILWAY. Watching the high quality video of the SL valued as cultural legacy is an impressive/excited experience for passengers.
M-14 Remote visit to a museum using 5G We demonstrate a real-time 360-degree live streaming from Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum over 5G. You will feel as if you were actually visiting the museum, asking the museum staff questions and by moving around.
M-15 5G Demo Bus This bus is a 5G demonstration platform equipped with a total of 13K screens, 4K projector and acoustic facilities that provide high-capacity real-time images sent over 5G, enabling people to experience high presence and immersive feelings.
M-16 Online musical session realized by 5G Leveraging YAMAHA's NETDUETTO technology, we give a demonstration of an online musical jam session by 3 professional musicians joining from different locations in Japan enabled by 5G's low-latency, high-speed, high-capacity communication.
M-17 Ad Delivery Using New Concept Cart We introduce our verification experiments of video streaming technology functions that combine a new concept cart (Ver.DCM), 5G wireless technology, DOCOMO cloud and face recognition AI.
M-18 Coverage optimization with reflector We introduce an area optimization technology using metamaterial and applying its reflection/scattering properties to 28GHz band signals. We demonstrate the effects of the technology with a 5G real-time visualizer.
M-19 5G NR Radio Wave Realtime Visualizer We have developed the world’s first radio wave visualizer that measures/analyzes radio waves from 3GPP-compliant 5G commercial base stations and visualizes the data for HMD, enabling efficient 5G cell planning including antenna direction.
M-20 3GPP-compliant 5G outdoor NSA trial We introduce our 5G trial system (5G Odaiba trial site), of which mobile terminal and network are both compliant to 3GPP Non Stand Alone (NSA) standard, exhibiting Ericsson's 5G base station and Qualcomm's 5G mobile station equipment.
M-21 5G Glass Antennas for Connected Vehicles We introduce the world's first 28 GHz-band-compatible on-glass antenna with non-intrusive design for 5G connected vehicles.
We have successfully achieved 11Gbps max speed communication with a fast-moving vehicle with this on-glass antenna.
M-22 Pioneering freq. bands for 5G Evolution We introduce measurements from basic millimeter wave radio propagation investigation by DOCOMO and Rohde & Schwarz using a channel sounder on 28 to 150 GHz band as well as measurements with NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories.
M-23 39GHz band Trials toward Beyond 5G We introduce our field trials using 39-GHz band toward beyond 5G, expecting further higher-speed/larger-capacity millimeter-band systems required in future mobile communications. We exhibit our equipment for 39 GHz band and its performance.
M-24 5G Evolution & Beyond We introduce DOCOMO's concept of “5G Evolution and Beyond,” describing how 5G will evolve and how the future beyond 5G will look like.
M-25 90GHz band Trials toward Beyond 5G We introduce our field trials using 90-GHz band toward beyond 5G, expecting the utilization of further higher-speed/larger-capacity systems required in future mobile communications. We explain our trial activity for the 90 GHz band.
M-26 A Unique antenna This is a very unique antenna in mm-wave band for 5G. This works flexibly not only as an antenna but also as low-loss transmission line, enabling easy 5G area deployment/relocation. We demonstrate 60GHz transmit/reception with the antenna.
M-27 EM interference
with medical equipment
We introduce our ongoing efforts and results of investigations of electromagnetic interferences with medical devices from mobile phones in the candidate frequency bands for 5G system for safe/secure use of DOCOMO phones by our customers.
M-28 RF performance measurement for 5G BS 5G-BS (base station) will be configured with an antenna system which integrates antennas and RX/TX. We introduce our over-the-air (OTA) measurement method for 5G-BS conformance testing and efforts for further efficiency improvement.
M-29 Automatic operation using 5G-MEC We demonstrate automatic operation control (collision avoidance) of multiple radio controlled cars using 5G radio and MEC technologies.
M-30 5G(28GHz) Area Optimization trial We are trying to improve service areas to provide stable commercial services anywhere. We exhibit what we've used in our area optimization trial for 5G Odaiba Trial Site, such as reflectors, metamaterial and wireless backhaul equipment.
M-31 5G Area design tools We introduce our 5G area design tools, demonstrating automatic creation of area maps. We also present the simulated results of our area improvement efforts using wireless backhauls and glass antennas to design optimal 5G areas.
M-32 3GPP-compliant 5G small cell NSA trial We introduce our 5G trial system (for small cells), of which mobile terminal and network are both compliant to 3GPP Non Stand Alone (NSA) standard, exhibiting Nokia's 5G base station and Qualcomm's 5G mobile station equipment.
M-33 Collective perception for safety driving We introduce a technology that efficiently collects/analyzes large data from sensors over 5G, etc., capture the state of traffic around the car in real time, foresees dangers and recommends an action the driver should take to avoid them.
M-34 Projection Car The PROJECTION CAR is a vehicle capable of performing projection mapping equipped with software and communication/video/audio equipment. In the 5G era, the car will enable realtime projection mapping, e.g., stream viewing on a street.
M-35 5G's remote construction machine control Using 5G's high speed/low latency capabilities, this system enables remote control of construction equipment in construction sites by an operator at a city office, alleviating the labor shortage issue and improving operational efficiency.  
M-36 V2N simulation for driving assistance Cellular V2N service aims to support safe driving and optimize traffic. We demonstrate virtual intersection crossing using V2N application connected to a drive simulator and V2N traffic control simulator for supporting merging in a highway.
M-37 Mobile SCOT: remote medical care by 5G Tokyo Women’s Medical University has been developing a Smart Cyber Operating Theater (SCOT) by networking medical devices in operating rooms. We propose the concept of Mobile SCOT to provide advanced medical care anytime and anywhere by 5G.
M-38 Cellular V2X trial Cellular V2X is a 3GPP-specified communication technology to connect vehicles with everything with complementary use of direct and network communication modes. We exhibit the vehicle and equipment used in Japan's first cellular V2X trial.
M-39 Agbee We are investigating MTC (Machine Type Communication) use cases that will support agricultural practices we expect to see when 5G capability is widely available and are demonstrating our solutions at exhibitions as valid use cases for 5G.
M-40 Dynamic Map distribution technology To realize advanced autonomous driving, it is necessary to distribute Dynamic Maps to a large number of mobilities, which can overload the mobile network. DOCOMO has developed a technology to reduce network load in Dynamic Map distribution.
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N-01 DOCOMO×SDGs DOCOMO is committed to contributing to sustainable development of society through our business activities and achieving the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). We introduce the initiatives DOCOMO is engaged in toward achieving the Goals.
N-02 Environmental Management of DOCOMO Group DOCOMO has established the Environmental Declaration and Green Action Plan 2030 as the DOCOMO Group. We introduce our Declaration and Action Plan and the initiatives DOCOMO is engaged in to further contributing to environmental protection.
N-03 Smartphone/Mobile Phone Safety Class We introduce a "Smartphone/Mobile Phone Safety Class" DOCOMO is providing at elementary/junior high schools nationwide to address/prevent the social issue of growing incidents arising out of the wide use of smartphones and new services.
N-04 Mieru Denwa This service converts what is being said in a call into text on the smartphone in real time to aid phone communication for anyone with difficulty in hearing 24 hours a day. No special app/setting is required on the other party's side.
N-05 3D Photos 3D photos (photos with thicker/thinner parts) are made by printing ordinary photos on special papers and processing them through a 3D copy machine. People can enjoy viewing/touching 3D photos together regardless of their eyesight levels.
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O-01 TOKYO 2020 ROAD "TOKYO 2020 Area": Provide information about TOKYO 2020, e.g., game lists, maps and tickets. "DOCOMO Area": Introduce DOCOMO's support/event management solutions. "TOKYO 2020×DOCOMO Area": Introduce our efforts for the success of the event.
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